Thanks for joining me as I share my writing process, progress and publications!

I’m currently working on three projects:

— Book 19 in the Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman series.   (For readers of the series: Armani’s in a whole mess of trouble and Maggie’s TRYING to get her out of it. Also, someone’s been shot!!!)

— A screenplay.

–And my shiny new project, which I’m calling the PCM series.

I’ve wanted to write PCM for a long time. I went back and looked at emails and discovered I first mentioned the idea to a writer friend in the Fall of 2016. But the time didn’t feel right, so I just let it roll around in the back of my head, did a little research, and basically waited for a sign.

I got the sign last week when a psychic told me, “You should be writing.” And “It’s time to start the new project.” (I know that sounds a little wacky, but down the road it will make a lot more sense, I promise!)

So I decided to start.

My process is to start on paper. Not with some fancy writing program. Just a spiral notebook and a pen. (Purple ink is a requirement!)

I spent hours in the early part of the day doing developmental work on my three main characters: Lily, Rose, and Daisy. Still more work to do.

“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” That’s the saying, right? Considering I need these characters to support a trilogy, I need to truly understand them before I start the actual writing.

I did however do actual writing on Hitwoman 19.

Three pages, which put me at the midpoint of the story. It was kind of a hard scene to write since it was pretty emotional, dealing with failure and loss. I tend to feel whatever my characters are experiencing and I felt drained and unsteady afterward. Thankfully tomorrow’s work is a funnier scene involving the animals.

Favorite line I wrote today:

“Would you like me to scratch his eyes out?” Piss offered.

I wrote two pages of the script today. It’s a dark psychological thriller about a serial killer. In order to maintain my emotional equilibrium, I can’t spend too much time working on it, so I’m working steadily, but in short bursts. But for now I’m off to the beach to clear my head and hopefully recharge my creative juices!


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