7/27 Coffee smile

I thought today would be an easy writing day. I flew through my first thousand words of Hitwoman 19 easily. (I try to write my first few pages of the day before I check email.)

Then I puttered around home for a little while, went to the gym, and decided to meet my Hitwoman word count goal at a favorite café. Basically I had to finish the scene I’d started in the morning, so it wasn’t like I was starting from scratch. I’d written in the morning, so it wasn’t like I had to get momentum going after a long break.

And yet it took me HOURS to write the next thousand words. It was torture.

I did come up with this little exchange between God and Maggie:

“Are you blaming the victim?” God huffed indignantly.                         

“I’m trying to get the full story so that I can figure out what’s going on,” I said defensively. “When did getting all the facts and making up my own mind based on what I learn fall out of favor?”

Oh, and my coffee smiled at me….or is that a smirk?




I was exhausted by the time I finished and haven’t done any writing since.

I’m performing in an improv show tonight. Really hoping that replenishes my creative juices since I’m feeling drained.

If it does, I’ll work on PCM late tonight. Otherwise I have to hope that my Hitwoman writing goes well tomorrow, and I’ll have to do catch up work on PCM…which will complicate my schedule since I’d planned on doing some work on my thriller screenplay then.

So many projects….so few thoughts!


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