7/30 Don’t look a gift horse….

in the mouth. That’s the saying, right?

That’s how I feel about inspiration. If it happens to come along, I don’t question it.  I do my best to indulge the muse because who knows when it will be back to visit.

That’s why I only reached half of my word count goal today for Hitwoman 19.

Inspiration struck for PCM and I spent wayyyyy more time scribbling down notes about that than I did writing manuscript pages.

And I got down some pretty good stuff. (I think. I may change my mind when I reread it tomorrow.)

I should be feeling good, and yet….

I didn’t hit my word count, so that part of me that likes to plan and push is pretty bent  out of shape. It’s telling me I should stay up until I’ve written all of my words for the day. It’s voicing its disappointment, its displeasure. It’s basically telling me that I’m a massive failure. And did I mention it’s really insistent about forgoing sleep so that I tick off the “word count for day finished” box?

(On the plus side, I did write a scene that included Maggie mocking Jack Stern’s jacket, so the day wasn’t a total waste.)

Inspiration has worn me out. I’m going to bed, word count be damned!


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