7/31 The War of Art

“Because payment in gold doubloons isn’t a currency used in today’s world”  was one of the lines I wrote as part of the ten pages I churned out today on Hitwoman 19.

“Churned out” is kind of misleading. It would seem to indicate steady, prolonged effort…like churning butter. In reality, I can rarely write for more than sixty to ninety minutes at a time, so these ten pages took three separate writing sessions and two editing sessions.

I’ll edit the last batch of writing tomorrow morning as a way to get back into the story. I always try to leave something unfinished…a half-written sentence or a few pages of edits, so that I can ease back into the magical mindset.

Even though I didn’t write a word about PCM, I spent quite a bit of time worrying about it. For some reason, I can’t settle on the point of view to use to tell the trilogy. It’s causing me anxiety.

Other writing related work that was done today was rereading “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield.



This is one of those books I reread every year. I’ve been thinking of giving it to a writer friend. (This is also one of those books I’ve bought multiple copies of because I tend to recommend it, loan it out, and never get it back.) I’d been hesitating because I didn’t want to come across as pushy, but considering that the phrase “The Art of War” was used in the short story I read by the same friend today, I definitely think I need to share it.

Armani would call that a sign.





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