8/1 New beginning and chaos

Today I started writing PCM with the line, “I don’t think she meant for us to die doing it.”

It took me almost two years to write these first two pages. Almost two years of the concept rolling around in my head. Almost two years of daily anxiety that I can’t successfully bring the vision in my head to the page.

But I set a start date of today and wrote two pages. I’m both excited and nervous. It’s a strange place to find myself and I wonder how long it will last.


I also wrote two pages of Hitwoman 19. Not exactly the most amazing progress, but it’s been a busy day with various obligations. Tomorrow I’ll have more uninterrupted flow and catch up on word count.

A friend did my Tarot cards for me this afternoon. I pulled “CHAOS” for my present card. (You can’t quite see it since it’s under The Fool.)




Maybe tomorrow won’t be as calm as I’m hoping for, lol!

2 thoughts on “8/1 New beginning and chaos

  1. Lots of 7’s in that spread, lovely life path number. Even the tower can be brought down to 7…….
    Best wishes with your projects, gotta gotta house train a new puppy. 😆Anne


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