Only a writer would stop to

watch the Criminal Justice Academy perform “vehicle operations driving range exercises”. (See the video proof I did this on Instagram.)

Basically it’s watching cop cars drive around cones, but I couldn’t resist the chance to stop and watch for a while.

Just an FYI —

Earlier this week I revealed on Facebook that Hitwoman 19 — THE HITWOMAN AND THE GOLD DIGGER will be out next month.

Haven’t nailed down the exact  release date yet. If you want to find out when it will be available for preorder, please subscribe to my newsletter. (Don’t worry, I ONLY send out the newsletter when I’ve got actual news.)

I’ve finished the story edits and I have to say that I’m feeling good about the book. This is an unusual feeling…usually at this point I’m in the process I’m convinced that there isn’t a single person on the planet that will like it.

Now I kind of feel like a ticking bomb…just waiting for the crippling anxiety to explode.



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