Creative October

When I lived in New Jersey, Autumn was my favorite season. Cooler temps and changing leaves were my groove. Now I live in Southwest Florida and despite the Pumpkin Spice everything in the stores, there’s really no such thing as Fall.

I miss the changing of the seasons if only because they forced me to look at the world differently.  Feeling like I need that little jolt of inspiration, I, one of the least artistic people ever to roam the planet, has signed up for Creative Sprint.  So I’ll be “making” something every day for the next thirty days. I’ll be sharing my creations on Instagram so follow if you think you’d enjoy laughing at my creative endeavors.

October will be a busy month as I publish THE HITWOMAN AND THE GOLD DIGGER, finish writing book 20 in the Hitwoman series (so far, it’s soooo much fun!) and work on my secret PCM project that will be published next year.

Also, on the days the heat index is less than 100, I’ll be trying to find fallen leaves with my mutt.